Dirty Mother And Daughter


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Dirty Mother an Daughter

Dirty Mother an Daughter

Dirty Mother an Daughter

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Melissa and Caitlin Barnett. These two are the biggest munipulaters in all of Reno. Melissa (Mother) is the biggest tweeker ever, she steals from people to feed her Mth adiction, i would know i’ve known this woman for most of my life. She also has sex with all her daughters friends and then uses them to buy her Meth. Caitlin (Daughter) has F***ed every guy in coldsprings because she thinks its the coolest thing to do “EW”. Shes even had a threesome with her mom (really nasty!!) Her favorite phrase is “i get what i want, then i bounce” Talk about hoe!

I wonder who taught who how to apply make-up, they missed a few spots, looks amateur hour.- nik

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