Dirty Nasty Nikki


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dirty nasty Nikki

dirty nasty Nikki

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Nikki, she thinks she is ths hottest and the badest Bitch in town.she thinks the world revolves round her all the time, which clearly it doesn’t. she fcks her twin cuzins shane and Sean everytime they hang out. Who even knows there cuzins, they probably aren’t. Nasty Butch. She thinks she’s so tough but won’t stand up for shit. She has a boyfriend right now that she cheats and lies to all the time. That’s why they broke up the first time. Nikki is the biggest slut that like to fuck twin brothers. she’s a fake ass bitch that deserves to be up here. Nik, I’d like to tell you too stay away from her cuz shes something she’s not. FAKE!!

No sloot can resist a double team.- nik

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