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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have been addicted to your site for a while now, and I just wanted to hand you someone you may have missed. This piece of trash goes by Paige Phillips, but you may call her dog, wh*re or Sl*t. This girl thinks she is hot (hence the lip biting pic) but obviously she is NOT. She is fat and downright stupid. She was adopted by a rich black family, but still thinks she is “hood” WARNING: She will f*ck whatever man she can get her hands on. INCLUDING YOUR BOYFRIEND even if you are her friend. She has been seen numerous times BEGGING guys to f*ck her until one finally says yes. Reluctantly of course. Nik please put this MAD COW out of it’s misery. What do ya think? And whats your advice for the idiots with good girls that cheat with h*e bags like this?

Alcohol bring out the true douchebag/sloot in anybody, which is why its always a smart idea to get sh*t faced together to test a relationship.- nik

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