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coquitlams number 1 dirty skeeze.

coquitlams number 1 dirty skeeze.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , this is Bloom aka (Bloom Bbycks) this nasty b*tch seems to think shes hot sh*t walking around like she runs the show. When you see this girl walking down the street you better run cause you can smell her Persian v*gina from a mile away. This girl also thinks shes a makeup artist and draws her sloppy eyebrows on 10 miles up her head. Her new thing is doing a bunch of drugs which has for some reason made her think that shes a “raver”. She shows up at every rave, sweats of her nasty eyebrows and wears outfits that show off her fat body this girl really needs to get slapped in the face but everyone’s to afraid of getting cover up all over there hands.

Her thighs are a disgrace to the world.- nik 

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