Dirty Slooty And Lame Mom


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dirty sk*nk & sorry mom

dirty sk*nk & sorry mom

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this H*e right her is Kayla Pruneda. She is the nastiest b*tch you can think of. Lives off government child support housing & her so called man drug money. Sad excuse of an unfit parent. She can’t even have a good life for her kids lives in a house full of rats & roaches i think its time to grow up dirty sl*t. All she does is party she cant even provide for her kids. She’s always talking about girls hating on her lol girl please there ain’t sh*t to hate on you low life b**tch. She wants people to think she’s in a good relationship when really he messes around all the time lol dumb h*e & neede to be put on blast.

She needs to work on her photoshop skills because she didn’t blur out the ugly well enough.- nik

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