Dirty Tricia Marie


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this piece of work right here is Tricia Kennedy (Tricia Marie on facebook).I’m surprised she hasn’t been submitted. This ugly disgusting sloot needs to be put on blast. She’s such lowlife sloot that does nothing but fck random guys and go to clubs with these Discovery heels & dresses. She has no class..She “looks cute”(NOT) and sane on the outside… but when this little girl doesn’t get what she wants… watch out.She will sleep with any guy that gives her alcohol and shows her attention. This girl lives off getting wasted and f*cked by random guys. She doesn’t care if the guy she’s sleeping with has a girl friend or no. She fcks everyone over and is a shady btch.She has gone through a bunch in her group and now is on to her friends sloppy seconds. Hint why she has to keep finding new guys because most people have one night stands and never want anything else to do with her. This girl needs a fcking clue that no girls like her except a limited few of maybe 4 now.She can’t keep friends…I have lost count of how many acquaintances of mine have fooled around with her in some way, shape, or form. Big ass noses are deff not cute. You deff cant cover up ugly.This b*tch ruins every unsuspecting guy in her path.She constantly needs attention, but not from girlfriends from males. She dated a great guy for 2 years, but decided to cheat on him at the end. Since the break up she always goes out gets wasted and hits on any guy. Words travels fast wh*re! Every weekend she goes out gets drunk and opens her legs. As long as you got a Penis your allowed full access. Who know what type of DRD’s this btch already has. She talked to 2 or 3 guys at a time. She will literally go to one guy, hookup with him then go hangout with next guy and do him too.One night she was making out with my guy friend and about 15 min after she got done making out with him she went and slept with his best-friend. She has a pretty bad habit of sleeping around Her 4-5am booty calls are the only ones that sick around.. this girl is a psychotic btch! No bull sh*t..How sad. Her friends include other nasty wh*res like Heather Ann and Liz Bee. She and her little group of sloots think they are something special. Well, she needs a reality check if she thinks that’s true, because all they are is a bunch of wannabe sloots running around looking for pepsi, molli and ex and will take the greg allllll day from anyone If your looking for a good time hit up the Snuggery Addison Park and youll be sure to have a good time.. just wear a rubber!! Please help put her on blast and let the world know that these wannabe group of sloots are DIRTY..

Both of them couldn’t even fill out that jersey (if ya know what I mean).- nik

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