THE DIRTY ARMY: See this guy his name Dillon Desean dirtest guy youll ever meet he thinks the hotest thing around and man is he good with his words he makes you feel like hes your everything but once he want his ex Abby he’ll throw you to the side even though he talks how bad of a mom Abby is and that shes a bitch and thats shes a slut etc… He also rude to his family and only cares about his friends and parting and has a DUI what a loser and he never sees his daughter only poor little girl and shes stuck with drunk people all the time god i feel bad for the little girl.. This guy cheated on many of girls and Abby he cheated on her and had sex with 5 other girls and got a drd man hes a good role model for his daughter what do you think Nik?

I think he’ll always be a ‘passenger’/catcher.- nik