Dirty Vicky Blagden


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THE DIRTY ARMY: where do i start. Victoria Blagden aka David Spence and Victoria [on facebook] this filthy pig hog whore sells herself to old men in winnipeg…portage la prairie and brandon she has alot of kids that are in cfs care because when her daughter was a baby which has a disability. vicki put her baby inside of a big gulp cup and laughed with her friends about it!! she doesnt shower and when she goes to meet her johns she just washes her hair and leaves on her shitty panties. shes a triple threat to whoever will give her 50 bucks and she just had a baby a couple months ago and claims her recent boyfriend david spence from sandy bay is the father when everyone else knows that kid could be from one of her johns. shes mentally f*cked she tries to take peoples kids and breaks up families shes almost like the hand that rocks the cradle. if you ever hear her talk her mouth is just pastey sounding probably from all the loads guys have dumped in her mouth lmao. this chick belongs on here she sells herself to old men when her boyfriends need money. if you see this woman trying to work for you as a child care provider dont do it she is a fucken psycho she will ruin your family fuck your man and try and take over your kids!!

You can kiss any career hopes you had goodbye with that neck tat.- nik

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