kelly beverly oak lawns waitress with the gift that dont stop giving lol

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kelly Beverly the TGI Fridays waitress with the gift that keeps on giving lol. She has been spotted sleepin with guys for favors, money, cloths etc etc, this women left her kids alone ( than had em taken away for drug n suicide attempts, husband found out she was strippin in florida, loovveess pills. Keeps getting guys names on her haha. Give her a few drinks or pills or place to stay and shes allllll yours. Not to mention she strips for money, steals from every one, ask will county police, and has a sleight case of Sociopath. Ask the psyc ward. coo coo, visit oak lawns fridays get a meal and DRD!

I cant tell if that’s cellulite or if she is truly that disgusting.- nik