kim the most discusting girl alive!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This girl is the definanition of discusting, everything about her makes me want to throw up. She works at tim hortons and I feel sorry for anyone that eats there, she is like 25 I think, and she is already growing grey hair, and losing her teeth, I think her teeth are falling out because she obvioulsy dose’nt brush her teeth there is like a inches of orange plaque on her teeth it’s so nasty. Her breath smells like dog poo and her clothes smell like cat piss She has big boob’s but all that is doing is giving her a a hunch back she say’s she used to be a stripper I personally don’t know anyone that would want to see that thing get naked. Everything about this girl is wrong it’s almost like she was a science experiment that got loose and made her way into society. One good thing about this girl is she found the male version of her only his teeth are rotted right out of his mouth wait that’s not good what if they breed ahhhhh, please Nik put this troll on Blast!

She’s been eating too many timbits.- nik