Disgusting Jacksonville Trash


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Elizabeth Salisbury is a Bartender at Mavericks at the Landing in Jacksonville, FL. IS THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL PERSON I HAVE EVER MET. I went there last night with some friends and were ordering drinks from her and left our tab open. All was fine, until I ordered another beer and gave her my last name. She told me she signed my card out already. I told her no I never signed out and she started arguing with me and showed me the receipt. Someone elses signature. she gave it away! I was tellin the people in my group and she called me a Fukin Bitch and said i would be BANNED from this joke of a country bar! and said im LUCKY im on the otherside of the bar!! holy shit! i was so confused. the bouncer was next to me the entire time telling HER to calm down. meanwhile she brings out this “General Manager” by the name of FRANK MALONEY. WHO IS COMPLETELY TRASHED! Hes drunk off his ass. She admits to him after trying to cry and apologize to me for discussing it with other management that she DID IN FACT THREATEN ME! AND! she lost my card. I told her she was acting like Jacksonville Trash and it was completely unprofessional. Her and her drunk ass “GM” laughed and said ITS A BAR! NO ONES PROFESSIONAL! I dont know about you… but that is disgusting pig behavior. I want to put this raggity bitch on blast because she needs to be. She looks like she takes more pole than sports authority. disgusting dirty little pig! NIK PLEASE PUT THIS PLACE ON BLAST! NO ONE SHOULD EVER GO THROUGH THAT!!! MAVERICKS SUCKS!!!! FUTURE EMPLOYERS AND CUSTOMERS NEED TO KNOW THIS BROAD IS OFF OF HER MEDS!

There’s a lot of sag in those legs.  Thunders soon to come.- nik

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