EXCLUSIVE: DJ Khaled – Judge Orders Appearance For Deposition In $100k Missing Jewelry Lawsuit

EXCLUSIVE: DJ Khaled – Judge Orders Appearance For Deposition In $100k Missing Jewelry Lawsuit

The Dirty can exclusively report DJ Khaled will be grilled under oath in the legal battle with a New York jeweler over $100k+ in unreturned pieces he was loaned …. due to the judge ordering him AGAIN to show up for a depo or he risks be sanctioned.

New York jeweler, Rafaello & Company, sued DJ Khaled for never returning two Rolex watches, a custom made diamond chain, a pair of diamond earrings and a 4 carat diamond ring.

R&C loaned him several pieces with the option to return or keep and purchase. However, he never paid or sent back the items. They sued for $100k+ in damages. Back in October, Rafello & Company demanded Khaled be sanctioned for refusing to sit down for a deposition in the case … where they could grill him under oath about the alleged stolen jewelry.

They explained his legal team said he would be available for a depo anytime in the summer … and the judge even ordered him to be deposed last October but then it was postponed … and now DJ Khaled’s lawyer claims he won’t be available due to him being on tour.

Rafello says they should not have to work around his tour schedule, which appears to be never ending. They pleaded for the judge to order Khaled to sit down for a depo last December and for sanctions to be imposed for him blowing off the courts order.

Then on January 11th, a hearing was held on the motion demanding Khaled be sanctioned over his refusal to be deposed. The judge ordered Khaled to appear in person for a deposition next month but he decided not to sanction him … yet. He says he will make a decision on the sanctions after he sees if Khaled shows up.

Sounds like DJ Khaled doesn’t want to win … no major keys for this one.


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