DJ Khaled Uses Weird Paparazzi Escape Trick Again

DJ Khaled Uses Weird Paparazzi Escape Trick Again

Recently, we reported on DJ Khaleds odd paparazzi escape plan– namely, turning on his cell phone flashlight.

When Khaled appeared last night at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards on the red carpet, he at first posed for pictures, but after a short amount of time, pulled out his cell phone… and did the same thing with the flashlight on his iPhone.

This behavior is nothing short of bizarre, and it makes us wonder where he was told this was a good idea from. Sure, it can be obnoxious to constantly have paparazzi in your face, but when you enter the entertainment world, it comes with the territory.

And, most importantly, his awkward tactic isn’t successful. It’s just strange and makes him look dumb. Khaled, may we suggest you consult your “how to be a celebrity” textbook and find a new strategy if you want to avoid the press. Your current one isn’t working.

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