Do You Smell Fish?

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Do you smell fish?

Do you smell fish?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this b*tch thinks she’s hot sh*t! She’s 40 years old and she looks like she’s eighty! She has five kids and there all to different guys. She goes out to bars and dances like she’s f*cking sexy, when she knows that she’s not! She has no real teeth in her mouth and she sleeps with just about every guy she meets. Right now she’s sleeping with this scum bag just to get a place to stay! Her house is being repossessed and she needed a place to go so she opened her legs for a free ticket. She’s defiantly got an STD or two because her ex husband did and her sister even told ME that she did! She sends nude pictures around and everything, it’s f*cking disgusting. Michelle, close your legs! You smell worse than the Allegheny River at sunset!!

Her kids are probably so proud of all that she has accomplished.- nik

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