Don’t Be His Next Victim

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this so called man named Benny or Alvaro Benavides likes to meet women off of the internet telling them that he isn’t talking to anyone else just working on his business which is nerium that he has paid for by women to keep the business going. He finds women to use them for sex and money. He will ask you to pay all of his bills even if you have children he doesn’t mind taking away from kids to benefit himself. He claims he was in minor league baseball until he tore his ACL now he plays softball. He lives with his grandparents at 28 and works less then 20 hours a week. He uses his personal problems in life to make you feel bad for him and if you ever question anything he will tell you he doesn’t need more stress. I have spoken to another women that has done the same and she has spoken to other women that have either been cheated on as well as spent there money on him. He does this until he gets caught and then he moves on to the next victim. One con artist for sure.

I’m actually a Mizuno fan. David Platt introduced me to those cleats.- nik

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