Dont Believe This Liar

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, tell the ladies BEWARE. He talks a good game but dont believe the hype. He will write poetry sing to you paint your toenails brush your hair BUT he will also walk around the house with your shirt and purse and shoes on and pretend to be a woman!!! Very strange!! I asked him several times if he was gay but he swears he is not. He is a total mama’s boy and cant do ANYTHING without her approval. Im pretty sure he still breastfeeds btw lol. I was actually willing to overlook the bisexual thing but then came all the woman. He sleeps with up to 5 woman in one day!! He will allow other women to call your house and tell both women that the other is his sister!! He rarely showers and actually has to be told when…I had to tell him after 4 days!! He also doesnt wash his jeans so the colour wont fade…when he opened up his overnight bag I almost puked! I finally broke up with him after a couple months when I found out he is 22 pretending to be 28!! Dont believe his id ladies he is into identity fraud and has several ids and will show you whichever is closest to your age.

I wonder how many girls believe his jewelery is real.- nik

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