THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo nik, this sloot is one for the record books.. I met her thru my ex i dated for 3 years. This chick had nowhere to live with 3 kids so we let her stay with us for a bit. She was strippin at blue moon lol. Anyways i ended up moving out 2 weeks later cause i was sick of all the drama two hours after i left i got a call from the stripper asking if i wanted to kick it my dumb ass agrees to so we did.. a few hours later i had this chick naked on my dads floor in hus house. What can i say who doesn’t want to bang a stripper lol well next thing i knew we had our own place together. It lasted maybe 3 months then she started banging the tweeker neighbor so i dipped until i get the dreaded phone call “im pregnant with ur bby i love you im sorry can we try fixing things” i took her back just for the baby.. then 2 weeks later she loses bby but still wants to be with me.. i stayed around for a bit but she turned into a snake.. now im pretty sure shes banging 5+ dudes on the reg… but anywYs heres.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a stripper with a clean room.- nik