Don’t Waste Your Time Making Reservations At The Mission

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, have you ever eaten at The Mission in Scottsdale?  Well if you haven’t, don’t ever waste your time.  We had a reservation for 9 and they keep us waiting for an hour. Go to the bar and order 2 margaritas with salt on the rocks – cost? $30… Ask for an IPA and they bring me a clone of Stella Artois for $14. (And not a good clone at that). Overpriced, overrated and just OK food. Save the money, the time, and your effort – go somewhere else. And then we got the food… No problem paying big money for food… But hey – that sucked too. Just about every Bistec taco from a taco wagon has been better. Am I bitter? Heck yeah. Am I wrong? Ummm no.

For some reason Filbertos is still the best Mexican food in town.- nik

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