Dope Head Dave and Meg

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these dope heads are sucking dick for roxy’s and mth, yes… BOTH of them. Then having one of his sons staying in a damn shed as you can see. They stay so fcked up and can’t even keep their vehicles on the road or their eyes open…that’s why his face looks like this. He needs to leave this juvenile crckhead alone and take care of his kids and quick sucking dick for pills and mth in the TRAILER PARK! Yep, he’s sucking dick in the trailer park and hooking up cable to support their habit but cant support either child he has made. These slump buster’s need to grow up and face reality. What happened to the term father? 5 years ago he was anti drug and a supervisor for the local cable company then decided to be spiteful when his wife left him after trying to run her and their son off the road and pretending to k** himself not knowing he was choosing pills over his family. Then the meth whore tried fighting his ex wife because she brought him to his father and not her during visitation. She got her ass beat on the ladder rack of his truck…I guess you get what you give. If anyone needs their dick sucked and has drugs, here you go! How LOW can you go?

Have they been living out of a motel?- nik

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