THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Serge Gunst or as he like’s to be called on facebook as James Serge. This guy is the biggest goof , you will ever meet. He beat’s his girlfriend’s & goes to jail for it.He live’s on the street’s most of the time and if not he’s manipulating some little girl to let him stay with her.So when you hear he’s back on the street’s beware and lock your door’s and keep your daughter’s locked in the house. He’s a sick kid who’s 21 with no jo , no education and in and out of jail his entire life. He uses people and steal’s anything he can get his grimmy finger’s on. This guy is so sick he slept with a dog, what kind of normal person does that? So beware of this sick twisted goof. It’s about time he got exposed.

Face tats, a sweater vest n tie, and a forgy shower curtain/phone case…Does he also ride a Vespa?- nik