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Drunk vicodin sloot

Drunk vicodin sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: In 2008, Katheryan Shay had a gruesome pain in her mouth. After going to the dentist, she discovered that her false front tooth was infected! The night after being prescribed vicodin, she decided to go out drinking. The pink bathing suit photo is the result. It will make you think twice before picking up drunk girls in a bar, but if you like the easy type GO FOR IT! I think she has like 5 different myspace pages. lol
She claims that she is agency represented, but it is all a lie. I mean think about it….If you owned a modeling agency, would you want to be responsible for this drunken liability or would you just go ahead and hire someone who is ACTUALLY pretty? Also, most magazines, makeup agenceis, and broadcasts would not hire a pothead or someone who is under 5’8″. Good try, Kat…you’re pathetic..

It looks like she trying to take a dump…Drugs are bad.- nik

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