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dicksuckinglips, biggest slut ever

dicksuckinglips, biggest slut ever

THE DIRTY ARMY: she is the BIGGEST slut ever. her names Sari P****L. she claims shes a beauty pageant girl, but c’mon seriously. shes digusting and is impregnated but the father could be three guys. WHORE. she opens her legs for any guys that is willing to get with her. i mean who would want to get with her, shes a grenade. she looks like a fish and she is really sloppy. this chick also has some type of drd and her very own parents want nothing to do with her. i can see why though, shes a failure and a whore. sari likes to fix her pictures up on facebook so she can get guys, but when you see her in person, her tits are just as fake as her tan. shes a pathological liar and i hate to break it to her, but shes just the ugly girl next door. she has dumbo ears and looks like a troll. so, if you see this hoe run for your life and keep your dick in your pants boys.

Have you seen any pageant girls lately…I believe it.- nik

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