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THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay here u c Giselle Ish formally known by Michael Ernest Dochow or just Ernie well ernie i guess wasn’t happy with the sex her was born so he flew off to Cali and had a bit of work done turned out ernie makes a hot chick but unfortuninly plastic surgery isn’t a cheapest thing so ernie wasn’t able to get that hole dug (perhaps he never truly intended to get it chopped off from the start) but he came bk to lil ol nazi ks lookin gorgeous and going by no longer wanting to be called ernie but insted for every one to call shim Giselle Ish (not at all discriminating against people whom feel they where born the wrong sex or those whom prefer the companionship of the same sex) that want isn’t “the dirty” bita about giselle almost every night Giselle can b found at one of the local bars posing as a full fledged female to ANY and all on the bars costumers specifically the males she’ll flirting and dancing ronchy with any guy (whom doesn’t already know better) that will shoot shim a glance and go along with it then after the bar closes or the guy just wants to go “some place a lil more privet” she will take them bk to her moms/what ever guys place if they r a local or if the guy is renting/is wanting to rent a room at a hotel she waits all the way till after shes convinced them she only likes it in the back door and insists they go there first or has sucked em off atleast once and “reveals all” the 2nd sometimes 3rd time they get it get it and some times even right after finishing the guy off she turns around ok now ur turn and whips it out but thats not all “The Dirty” info on ernie/giselle she has been running a bit low on victems lately due to the locals have cought on and not many people come to newton let alone go to the bar here and if by chance she to lure n a new victim fellow men at the bar will at least try to worn the poor guy but giselle has decided to whore herself out via adds appose to a corner job and they go to where she is to get it get it about 30-40% of her self solicitation adds r at least honest about the “package” deal but that’s only dew to the fact she can charge more to those with a fetish and where dose she run this lil whore scandal out of her mothers house whom knows nothing of her son/daughter doings due to the fact all thou she is home she has a disease has progressed to fainting spells memory loss and it is in most cases terminal plus she is for the most of the day is pretty “out of it” due to the amount of meds she takes for her disease and the pain shes in due to it giselle has now DRDs at least has not caught any permanent ones but still that bitch is DDDDIIIIIIRRRRTY shes guilty of aggravated man-slober and receiving swollen property on a daily and some days twice or more she must just love them dna daiquiris we should call her Jizzel or maybe even Jizz-inhale hell she even tried getting younger brother chris kicked out so she could not only have more room for her solicitations but so that she could do them more often and more freely this dude-b i t c h taken more bones then is in the Pluge pits not even counting all the ones shes handled and swallowed

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