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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Marie Mangone from Temecula. California or as she likes to be called, the Kawaii Oni Princess from the kawaii depths of hell, claims she is an illustrator, fashion designer, model, photographer and business owner.  Upon meeting her she will tell you that her ex boyfriends beat her so she is traumatized, she over dosed on E at a rave but she\’s clean now, she is a virgin, her daddy has modeling connections, she has a kawaii art/accessory company (which she photo shops the fuck out of so you can\’t tell it\’s just animal erasers and 25 cent machine plastic chains, iron on beads, and oven clay) and she ran away to San Francisco during high school. She says these things to get you to feel bad so you\’re on \”her team\” and then when she doesn\’t like you anymore she gets \”her team\” to turn on you and attempts to make you miserable. But what no one knows is that NONE of her crap is true, and you can find all of that out by clicking the \”personal\” link on her tumblr. Being a good friend I never told anyone except her that she\’s full of shit and she admitted it, but like I said, being a good friend I just dropped it there. She uses her ex beating her as an excuse to smoke weed all day while she plays on photoshop and tumblr. She is 22, un employed and not even in school, but her \”bussiness\” is her income and she claims she makes more selling her bratz dolls weed leaf prints than someone with a full time retail job.

That is the worst photoshop job ever.- nik

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