Ed Sheeran – Returns With Great Third Album Divide

Ed Sheeran – Returns With Great Third Album Divide

Over the past few years, Ed Sheeran has become a staple in pop music, crafting nearly every bride from 2014’s first dance song with Thinking Out Loud.

Recently, Sheeran returned with his new album, Divide, and there’s plenty of great content within.

The album opens with Eraser, which finds Sheeran- surprisingly- rapping. “I was born inside a small town I lost that state of mind, learned to sing inside the lord’s house but stopped at the age of 9,” Sheeran begins the song with, taking listeners on quite the journey. While Sheeran is a better singer than rapper- much ado to his gorgeous pipes- he carries the song well and sounds natural rapping.

“Castle On The Hill,” which follows (and is one of the singles on the album) is much more traditional Sheeran. The track features Sheeran singing and takes listeners on the emotional journey they’ve become accustomed to from his work.

“Shape Of You,” the other single on the album, is worth mentioning even though it’s already gotten a ton of radio play all across the country. The song, which features Sheeran rap-singing over a dancehall beat, is so different stylistically from what fans of his are accustomed to; however, as credit to his artistic ability, it works flawlessly and is, to date, one of the best songs of 2017.

“Perfect” is another standout track, and will certainly be this year’s first dance song choice. The chorus truly gives listeners all the emotional feels when Sheeran sings, “Baby I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms, barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song. When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath, but you heard it. Darling, you look perfect, tonight.” If this song ends up being released as a single- which we have a feeling it will be- it will certainly be a huge hit.

Other notable songs on the album include the gorgeous, melancholy “Happier,” the catchy and fun “Barcelona” and the vocally enchanting “Supermarket Flowers.”

With Divide Sheeran has solidified his staying power, his ability to succeed in multiple genres, and, most importantly, has delivered a great third album.


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