Edie Falco’s No Longer A Soprano Or Nurse Jackie

Edie Falco’s No Longer A Soprano Or Nurse Jackie

Ever since she played Carmela Soprano on HBO’s The SopranosEdie Falco has been one of our favorite actresses. Then, when she went on to star in Showtime‘s Nurse Jackie, she continued to rank among our favorites.

From Falco’s red carpet appearance at the NBC Upfronts, it’s clear she’s no longer either of her characters… as she rocked a pretty floor length gown that wasn’t reminiscent of mob boss wife or drug addicted nurse.

While Edie looks good, we’ve got other things on our mind than her red carpet appearance- namely, wondering when she’s going to star in her next hit series and what it will be.

Edie, come home… to cable TV, that is. We are anxiously awaiting a new show and just know it’s going to be great.


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