THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, as an insider in Las Vegas working for nightclubs, I know a lot of people are over EDM and wish it would end… but it never will.  Do you know why EDM artists are still the number 1 choice for clubs in Vegas?  It is actually sad, but its because EDM keeps black people out of those clubs.  Many casinos are afraid of becoming the Palms which is mainly known for where the black crowd goes and they don’t spend much money.   So the way clubs see it, is if they keep booking EDM, it will only “attract” the crowd they want that have money to spend.  It is sad as f*ck, trust me, I want to shoot myself every night at work, its the same DJ’s playing the same old mixes.  I could literally tell you, song by song what AfroJoke will play at his next gig… because its the same every time.

Black people hate white girls named Molly. I get it.- nik