Eiffel Tower Emily


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Emily Jackson. They call her the Eiffel Tower because that’s her specialty and EVERYONE knows it. Apart from wearing hideous shorts that advertise her huge cameltoe she spends her time drinking until she passes out and opening her legs to anyone who cares to go between. She has the worst overbite since the original cavewoman and shes about as smart too. Seriously, she’s dumber than a box of rocks and doesn’t have the looks to compensate. I’m pretty sure she wears two bras to give the illusion of having anything on that flat chest of hers and shell probably end up having back problems because she’s always sticking her butt out so people with think she has one. She always talks with a weird, slurred speech. I think she may have some mild form of downs. Or maybe she’s just still drunk. She and her other overly-tanned bimbo friends spend their weekends getting drunk in someone’s basement after convincing mommy to buy their 18 year old asses some alcohol and then they fck everyone like some gross spray tan covered orgy. She’s the president of some weird religious group which is funny because I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t approve of her sucking every dick that comes near her snaggle tooth. She’s always a total bitch to everyone and thinks she’s all high and mighty which is funny because her only talent is making herself looking extremely stupid in public and laying on her back with her legs open. I’ve seen this chick get carried out of numerous parties because she cant hold her liquor. Shes just disgusting, tasteless, and a serious twat. The only good thing about her is knowing shell never be any competition for real women because the best she can hope to do is marry a rich guy and be his trophy wife until her implants sag and her face looks like her fake purse. Emily, go get your crusty cooter tested and shut your overbite.

I got the inside scoop on religious groups (outside church), they don’t actually talk about religion.  Itza partee.- nik

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