Emile Hirsch Is Evasive

Emile Hirsch Is Evasive

Actor Emile Hirsch was spotted outside the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California… and it’s clear he’s evasive, at least when it comes to answering questions.

When the paparazzi tried to ask him if he was going to attend Sundance this year, he’d only say, “I don’t know. We’ll see, we’ll see. You never know.” 

While we wish he’d give more of a direct answer to the press, he still gets some points in our book for how he interacted with his fans, as he signed autographs for them and took selfies with them.

As far as Sundance goes, he clearly wants to keep us guessing if he’ll be there or not. Emile, just tell us. We’re not psychic, and it’s not that personal of a question.


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