THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t even know where to start on this dirty slore.  She has been posted many times before but the main reason I’m posting her is to warn the girls of DirtyPeg that this girl will try and steal your man. Shes a huge pepsi sloot. If your man can get her some she will defiently suck his Greg.  She was “engaged” awhile ago which everyone thought was funny seeing any guy that would even think about marrying this nasty girl is out of their mind.  She has the ugliest tattoos which she gets for free from terrible tattoo artists.  I just want to remind people that this girl is back in Peg city so watch out. Ladies watch your men and guys make sure you wrap it.  Reality check Emily when will you grow up and stop being such a nasty person, don’t you know everyone laughing at you??

That nose looks so much better with a hat on.- nik