Emma Watson Doesn’t Take Her Fans For Granted

Emma Watson Doesn’t Take Her Fans For Granted

While there are some celebs who will ignore autograph requests, we always applaud the celebs who don’t. The reason we feel this way is that the fans are the ones who pay your bills, so if they ask for an autograph, the least thing you can do is stop and give one.

It’s clear Emma Watson aligns with our way of thinking, as she recently stopped to greets fans while appearing on the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Fest Premiere of The Circle In New York.

Tons of fans flooded her asking for autographs and, as you can see in the clip above, Watson did her best job to try to sign as many things as she could.

In a Hollywood world of self-absorbed stars, Emma Watson stands out from the crowd and is proving she’s the real deal.


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