Emo Pill Poppin Greg Lover


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Emo pill poppin greg lover

Emo pill poppin greg lover

Emo pill poppin greg lover

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this crazy a** b*tch right here is Noel R*ggs. She thinks shes so f*ckin hot & that her looks can get her anything! She will use and abuse anyone for anything she can get. All she does is party, pop pills & loves the greg. She keeps getting all tatted up lookin like an emo tramp. She will open her legs for anyone especially if you offer her drugs, weed, or $. oh yea she also claims shes bi-sexual.  So girls you better watch out too! I was told by a homie that she was video taped getting f*cked in the pooper & now shes worried ppl are gunna find out about it! B*tch I hope that sh*t ends up on here cuz your just a sl*t & all you do is f*ck people over & use them! She claims that her ex liquors her up & f*cks her & tapes it. Maybe if you werent a bottle rat sloot sh*t like that wont happen!  So if your lookin to get laid offer her some yellow norcs.  She loves them!  Put this fake a** emo b*tch on blast! Karmas a b*tch aint it!

I love when you can tell that a chick is going to get fat when they are older.- nik

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