THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, after seeing her posted on her a month ago I did a little googling, unfortunately I found no dirt on the girl but she is pretty darn incredible. Although judging by her new twitter pictures she has lost alot of weight but still.. Wow. She has also apparently quit modeling which I find weird that girls that don’t look anywhere near as good as her think they are “top models”.  Check it out and tell me that body is not perfect Mr. Richie.

Who cares about Victoria Moore, she is a quitter. Dear DIRTY ARMY UK, please mark your calendars for May 1-6 because I will be visiting your country like a Gentleman. Email the cool spots and if you want to hang out (No FROG I will not hang out with you). I plan to be in London for the first few days and then off to Manchester to watch Man U vs. Chelsea.- nik