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enough is enough

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am disgusted with your comments regarding the labiaplasty post. I understand the premise of this site is for entertainment, and to give people who have hit rock bottom a reality check. For the most part, people posted on this site have deserved what they’ve been dealt. People make mistakes, you profit from them, and your fans have a good laugh. Consider this understood, but this time you have crossed the line. This post was extremely unsettling. This woman has been warped by our harsh society and media. She came to this site to prevent other women from making the same mistakes, and you responded to her with a comment that I did not just find offensive, but positively gruesome. I have seen content like this on your site before, but never to this extent. Now I find it necessary to speak up. STOP victimizing and objectifying women. I dont think that any man would disagree that women are fragile beings. Where men are often innately powerful and born leaders, women are full of compassion, faith, and love. From Mother Theresa, to Cinderella, to Joan of Arc, all renowned female characters are full of emotions and vulnerabilities; each expressed in a unique but powerful way. Men are often clumsy with those vulnerabilities, and capable of injuring our gender. Manipulative and narcissistic men are dangerous weapons to women, capable of injuring them many irreparable ways. Men have the power to protect women, to shield them, to give them the freedom to grow in their femininity. How repulsive is it that you use that power to manipulate these women, turn them into objects that you find aesthetically and sexually pleasing even if it causes them so much pain. And you wonder why there are so many lost and hopeless “sl*ts” on your site. These women are empty, destroyed by society. This surgery that this woman in the post underwent is not a far cry from how women in suppressed societies are tortured. Women in cultures throughout the world are raped, beaten, and circumcised; having their genitalia butchered so that they are no longer capable of experiencing sexual satisfaction. This, they believe, is only a man’s right. Nik, I ask that you please post this. That I can send a message to women out there living in liberated societies: for the sake of your sisters all over the world who are undergoing these horrors, be strong. Stop listening to men who tell you that you are not good enough. That only sexuality and physicality matter. There are too many troubles in the world to be focused on the superficial. I’m here to tell you that even if you are not perfect physically or sexually, you can STILL AMOUNT TO GREAT THINGS. Your greatest potential is NOT in how you look. Being feminine does not mean being a supermodel, it means inner beauty and inner strength. You were created to carry out a purpose that can’t be found in any expensive fashion store or on any operating table.  You are women, you are strong, and you are ALL beautiful. So Nik, let me ask, would you? would you stop the hate? stop the mutilation, victimization, torture, defamation, and objectification of the female gender? would you?

I just speak the reality, not the fairytales you have just submitted. My answer is NO, not because I want it to be, but because women made me this way.- nik

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