Eric Martinez

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik his is Eric Martinez. This loser is a bartender at the Pegasus, you know, that run down gay club that smells like vomit and ammonia. When he’s not prostituting (I know, I’ve seen the text messages from ‘clients’) he’s chasing down dudes who already have boyfriends. He will fck anything and anyone, his reputation around the Strip is a joke. He swears he’s a big time promoter with a rave group, but really all his does is leave flyers on cars, thats cool if you’re 18, but he’s almost 30, he’s 27. He’s cheated on every boyfriend he’s had. He told me his last boyfriend “was the one”, but when he was in Miami for Ultra he let a pool boy bang him in the lobby of the hotel with other people watching, all while they were together. He has multiple accounts on Jack’d, Grindr, and Adam4Adam. When his boyfriend asked him to get tested for **, he panicked and didn’t want to go because he was afraid of the results of the test. He wouldn’t have to worry if he didn’t let dudes c*m in his ass without a condom. Eric also has a tendency to mess with 18 year olds and guys in high school, only because of they fact that they are the only people in town who don’t know how horrible of a guy he truly is. Sometimes he shows up to bartend at the Pegasus after smoking ice and thinks nobody notices. He likes to brag about dabbling in her**n too. When he goes to the club, he has to take 3 times the amount of ec*tasy a regular club goer might take, because his brain is depleted of serotonin from the years of abuse. This man has no future. He likes to dress up as a Power Ranger and hang out with 18 year olds at raves. Nik please put this loser on blast so the whole world knows what a giant gaping asshole he is.

So that’s who puts the flyers on my car.- nik

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