Erica Niernberg

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Erica Niernberg is the definition of white tailor trash! She loves meeting random men all over the United states and hustling them for money online. Someone I know has experienced her hustle! She will send these men nude photos of herself. These men fall for that body she really doesn’t have and if you notice she never smiled in her pictures. This yuck mouth Bay City Michigan local who claims to live in Roswell cause she’s now PREGNANT by some one who DUMB enough to get stuck with this BITCH! She’s a home wrecker who passes the non curable drd, he*s! This low life will meet someone, claim to fall in love with them and will up and leave her 3 girls who she doesn’t even have custody of. her mother takes care of them not to mention she also lives with her mom as well. This 34 year old P.O.S is a sorry excuse for a mother. I feel a very strong need to warn men of America of this Online hustling HOE! Although she may not have any victims for about 7-8 months. Maybe after she has her baby she’ll find another sucker to drain. Beware men!

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