Erlando/Orlando Wells Is Not From Orlando

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this man. EARLANDO SIMMONDS goes by ORLANDO WELLS ON FACEBOOK is the sneakiest scum bag you could ever come across!!! he claims he is a HUSTLER but really is a crck dealer and a pimp! he prays on females with broken dreams and come from broken homes YOUNG and old. He dose not have your best interest forward.. he will trick you into thinking he likes you and not let you no much in his personal life to make you think he is a GOOD GUY. word of advice if you ever come across him or he wants to get to know you DON’T BELIEVE ANY WORDS THAT COME FROM HIS MOUTH!!!! he will lie to you about his name, age, identity and almost everything, he lets you think what we wants you to think and has many years of practice being 30 years old this Dec 2012. He dose not care about anyone feelings in the process an will make a whore out of anyone he can to make profit off of them. In the past he has burnt one of his old WORKING girls face with a ciggerette and beat her until her face was swelled up because she stoll money from him..when really she is the one making it and obviously stoll money to leave his sorry ass! Hes chokes females, pushes them, slaps them, twists their arms. HE DEALS WITH FIREARMS and is known by the police as armed and dangerous, yea such a good guy eh? not even close.. he will hang around BARS, CLUBS, MALLS to spot any females he can meet, but ALSO he is not alone he has many friends who are the same way and act together in situations like this. actually be careful. he is very handsome but has the mind of a genius and dose not care of the outcome weather its jail, killing you, or putting his hands on a women!!! stay clear of him, he is no good and clearly a COMPLETE loser.

How many people does he tell he’s Ray Jay?- nik

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