Esjay’s Sextape Venture

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More on Esjay's sextape venture!

THE DIRTY ARMY: So a lot of you are wondering about the esjay sextape and a lot of people have it. Since i can’t post videos on the dirty, I’ll just provide one little frame from my black berry. Since she’s been so “happy” about being posted on the dirty she gleefully decided to take off all the photos from her “model” mayhem and facebook fan group. She now no longer shoots nudes! Looks like we’re reforming the girl, Nik. All thanks to you, we will be seeing very little of Esjay from now on. I’m glad she’s finally realizing she has no potential. Mishapen eyes, nose and lips. What was she thinking? LOL. She has also proceeded to making countless fake accounts to write on her fan wall saying that she’s “courageous” and a “hero”. How are they fake? Each account had like 15 friends and only “Esjay Craigie” as an interest. Ouch. She has also deleted any comments calling her out on her sex tapes, poor life choices and any comparisons to anyone hotter than her. Ouch. That sounds like something that happy people do right? Pfft more like ashamed like she should be. She also pulled all her videos from youtube. It must be hard to live in denial. Her twitter account is so hilarious since most of her followers are in fact OLD PERVES. Her boyfriend Joel is funny. He talks about her smelly fish lips all the time. He bought her Vagisil one time and she flipped out. Lol I can’t get enough of this trainwreck. Once a hoe always a hoe, right Esjay? Don’t you ever dare claim you not again.

Email me sex tape, Maybe I can get Hack to edit the it so the world can see.- nik

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