THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here would Cassidy from Everett, WA.  She is a huge shit talker and low life.  She has been dating her boyfriend Kevin for about 2 1/2 Months. They are already saying “I love you” and planning to move in together, mind you she has 2 kids which she introduce to her boyfriend only a week after dating him. She is also already talking about having a 3rd baby. She lives with her parents and doesn\’t have anything going for her besides working part time at a pizza hut, yet can talk sh*t about others. She jumps from bestfriend to bestfriend. She\’ll be friends with anyone who will listen to her problems that aren\’t ever her fault. She is also always posting on the internet about having UTI\’s. Who does that?! ewww!  Nik please help clean up our area!! spread the word about this crazy, nasty girl.

Judging by the distance of her eyes she must be related to the Geico Gecko. I wonder if she can see predators coming up from behind.- nik