Everybody’s Girl At OU


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This infected potato heads name is Inna from the Ukraine but now goes to school at OU. Her life consists of passing her DRD (genital h***s) around and trying to find guys or girls desperate enough to touch her. We were friends for four years and all she did was continuously screw me over. I let her move in with me when her fiance dumped her sorry ass and she stole a very expensive package that I had delivered to my house and tried to deny even though multiple people saw her and I heard her admit to the whole thing. Of course I got it back because she had it the whole time. I knocked her out when she came to pick up her stuff at my and she even thanked me for it and so did everyone else in this town because literally no one can stand her. The only thing good this girl offers is people get to laugh whenever she shows her face, seriously who has ever seen a face that huge and greasy? She lost count of how many guys she has slept with just in the past month, and she knows it’s illegal to sleep with them and not tell them about her situation but she continues to do it. She told me she slept with my ex when we broke up, she slept with my best guy friend, and then tried getting with my fiance and tried to bribe my roommate into not telling me about the package by “sucking him off and riding him”. I never once saw her take a shower the whole time she was there, all she does is keep layering on her makeup and if you get lucky she’ll change her shirt. this girl is a self-proclaimed hoarder and everywhere she goes the smell of animal piss follows her because she has so many animals and is irresponsible. Every guy I talked to said she is a horrible lay, dead fish. She has to beg and bribe people to sleep with her and they never go back for more.

She has the head of a little person.  No offense.- nik

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