Ex PR Girl And A Dirty Friend


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EX PR GIRL/Dirty Friend

EX PR GIRL/Dirty Friend

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl aka Tamara Tee, aka her real name TOMINA TONG, is such a f*cken gold digger and a home wrecker. I met her when I was doing PR services back in the days and man, has so many dicks gone through her. Such a easy lay and a sl*t. She gives fakes names, gold digs people, and thinks she is a rock star but clearly not.. About two weeks ago, my buddy picked her up from a club and screwed the brains out of her! so dirty.. anyways her friend Annie TRAN.. is so f*cken easy.. f*cks guys 10 mins after meeting them in the alley.. she is such a f*cken butta face. These 2 are the real girls of Vancouver Nik =).

The stench is overwhelming.- nik

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