EXCLUSIVE: 112 Singer Slim – Bank Demands Foreclosure On His Georgia Home

EXCLUSIVE: 112 Singer Slim – Bank Demands Foreclosure On His Georgia Home

The Dirty can exclusively reveal 112 singer Slim is close to being kicked to the street and having his Georgia home sold off at foreclosure …. with the bank heading to court in his bankruptcy demanding to be allowed to sell the pad – accusing the musician of screwing them out of payment for 10 months.

Back in 2015, Slim – real name Marvin Scandrick – filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. He claimed his assets totaled $275k but had liabilities over $307k.

His assets include his Georgia home worth $264k, $200 in his checking account, 2k in household furniture, $200 in clothing, a pistol worth $250, 2006 Lexus worth $8,500 and various copyrights to 112’s music … but he can’t sell those off without consent from the other members. However, he owes $256k on his 1st mortgage, $33k on his 2nd mortgage, $2k in child support and $3k to his homeowners association.

Then on February 8th, US Bank National Association headed to court and filed a motion for relief from the automatic bankruptcy stay in the case. Once a person filed for bankruptcy, an automatic stay is put in place – until the outcome of the case – which puts all pending lawsuits on hold unless the judge orders otherwise.

The bank explains Slim took out a $272k loan to purchase a Stockbridge, Georgia home. However, as of January 17th 2017 the outstanding amount owed on the home is $240,236.41.

They state he has failed to pay $16,683.40 which consists of 10 payments of $1,668.34 since April 2016. They are demanding the judge allow them to foreclosure on Slim’s Georgia home ASAP … despite his pending bankruptcy.


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