EXCLUSIVE: 16 and Pregnant Star Lindsey Nicholson Talks Pregnancy, Not Missing TV

EXCLUSIVE: 16 and Pregnant Star Lindsey Nicholson Talks Pregnancy, Not Missing TV

While some of the 16 and Pregnant women went on to star in the successful Teen Mom spin-offs, a lot of them just did their stint on 16 and Pregnant and went off TV. Recently, we exclusively talked to one of the 16 and Pregnant alums, Lindsey Nicholson, who is expecting twins. Aside from talking about her new additions, we talked about if she misses being on TV or not.

“Ever since I first met my husband I knew he was ‘the one,'” Nicholson began with sharing. “Never had an ounce of doubt. I knew he was the man I wanted to marry and have more children with. After he adopted my daughter and I had finished my schooling for my career we both knew we were ready to start trying for a baby.”

“My doctor had told me we would need most likely need IVF from all of my cysts and endometriosis,” she continued. “She said we would need to be trying for a solid 6 months in order for us to get the treatments we would need. So we started trying and our very first try we got pregnant!”

“My motherly instinct kept telling me twins,” she elaborated. “I knew something was different from being pregnant with my daughter. Every night I would have dreams and two little twin boys kept showing up. Same thing happened with my daughter when I was pregnant. After we got our first ultra sound and my dreams had been proven true I was shocked! We are so excited and happy! We are so In love with our babies already.”

So does Nicholson miss being on TV?

“I definitely do not miss being on TV,” she shared. “Way to much Drama comes along with it. We like to live a simple drama free life!”

Nicholson also added that, “It was definitely different this time being pregnant compared to when I was 16. It was such an awesome feeling knowing we were trying to get pregnant rather than an accident happening. It’s refreshing to know that my husband loves me, our daughter, and wants nothing more than to see me pregnant with his babies as well . Unlike when I was 16 my daughter’s biological father was a coward and only wanted me to get an abortion. No real man would ever want a woman to get an abortion.”

“I’m so happy in life and trying to soak it all in,” she wrapped with saying. “I’ve been the sickest I’ve ever been with this twin pregnancy instead of hating it I’m trying to truly enjoy every emotion it brings me. We don’t plan on ever getting pregnant again. I will be getting my tubes tied once the babies are born so we want to just enjoy these next 5 months as much as possible.”

We wish Nicholson the best of luck as her pregnancy continues going forward.


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