EXCLUSIVE: 50 Cent – Baby Mamas Still Living High Life, Despite Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

EXCLUSIVE: 50 Cent – Baby Mamas Still Living High Life, Despite Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

The Dirty can exclusively reveal 50 Cent may be still dealing with his Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but that hasn’t stopped his baby mamas from living the high life … both receiving substantial child support checks – according to court docs.

The rapper filed for bankruptcy back in 2015 … following a $7 million judgement won by Rick Ross’ baby mama over a leaked sex tape and a $17 million judgement in a legal battle with his former Headphones business partners. The case is still pending with the trustee attempting to pay off the majority of 50’s debt.

Earlier this week, 50 Cent filed his operating report for the month of December. The docs reveal his monthly expenses and income. According to the docs, the rapper made two child support payments to his baby mamas. The first check was to Daphne Narvaez – mother to his son Sire Jackson – in the amount of $1,267 for January child support.

The second baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins – whom the rapper has battled it out with for years over their 19-year-old son Marquise – was paid a total of $7,497 for child support. The financial records show he dropped thousands on personal security for the month, $437.44 for laundry and tailoring, $1,500 for driver services and he paid a $40k loan from his G-Unit company. The rapper pulls in massive music royalty checks being paid $30,375 by Sound Exchange for the month. The State of California paid him $2,747.10 for his 2015 tax return.

His total cash receipts for the month were $1,434,530.12 but his disbursements including his plan payments to creditors came to $1,480,520.12 … leaving him in the red $45,990 for the month.


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