EXCLUSIVE: Allison Kugel Talks “Journaling Fame”

EXCLUSIVE: Allison Kugel Talks “Journaling Fame”

Journalist Allison Kugel was a well known reporter on the celebrity scene who recently wrote an interesting new memoir entitled Journaling Fame. The memoir is described as one that “examines her journey with a life altering anxiety disorder against a backdrop of the glamorous and adventurous world of celebrity journalism.” 

We exclusively talked with Kugel about her book in an extensive conversation. 

On why she decided to write this book, Kugel explained that she did it “to tell a truth that I felt needed to be told. We are living in a culture where people, especially young people, are accepting image as truth. You see celebrity red carpet pictures, you see selfies from the Kardashians, and you think that is their life. Those are snapshots.”

“I learned through ten years of doing in-depth interviews with hundreds of celebrities that there is much more to the picture,” she continued. “They have ups and downs and problems like everyone. People looked at my life at one point and thought I had it all because I had such an exciting job. My life was great, but there was a dark side. There was this demon of anxiety, panic and OCD that was in the background.”

“I wanted to share the fun part of my ride and allow people to live vicariously through my experiences as an entertainment journalist,” Kugel added, “but I also wanted to share something very intimate and private with readers; my journey with an anxiety disorder. People will love the celebrity stories, but hopefully they will gain something much deeper after reading my book.”

 Speaking of celebs, Kugel included many conversations with them peppered throughout her book. We were curious as to how she felt that helped to tell her story.
On this, she shared that, “I intertwined my conversations and my relationships with celebrities for a few reasons. I’d been planning to write a book about my career and really throwing back the curtain on what it was all like, as well as bringing a wider audience to experience my interviews. But then after the summer of 2012, when my anxiety issues reached a boiling point and I was in and out of the ER, I vowed that if I recovered I would generously share my story with the world with the goal of helping people.”
“I wrestled with how to combine the two: exciting behind the scenes account of being a celeb journalist and my journey with anxiety,” Kugel elaborated. “Then it came to me that I could connect those two parts of my life by relating personal things I was going through at the time of certain interviews, and pointing out what I learned from certain celebrities. I also go into detail about times when I had to work on some high-profile stories while being in the throes of terrible anxiety, so people could see that extreme dichotomy that was my life.”
For more of our interview with Kugel, stay tuned tomorrow.

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