EXCLUSIVE: Allison Kugel- Writing “Journaling Fame” Has Made Me Feel Fearless

EXCLUSIVE: Allison Kugel- Writing “Journaling Fame” Has Made Me Feel Fearless

Yesterday, we shared the first part of our interview with celebrity journalist Allison Kugel, who recently wrote a new memoir entitled Journaling Fame that tells the story of her grappling with a “life altering anxiety disorder against a backdrop of the glamorous and adventurous world of celebrity journalism.” 

In our second part, we probed Kugel on what her advice would be for journalist in the celeb industry, amongst other things. 

As far as advice for celebrity journalists, she shared that, “Treat celebrities like people, not like animals in the zoo to be observed and not like royalty to be worshipped. And don’t have a pre-conceived notion of who a person is because you think you know their image. I had great success in getting celebrities to open up about their lives, because I opened up to them about myself. I created an authentic conversation more so than a typical interview. Building trust with publicists is also key. I always kept my word, so I would have to navigate that and still find a way to turn out quotable interviews.”

We also were curious if Kugel found it hard to write about her anxiety so openly when so many celebs know who she is.”

“No,” she shared, “because writing this book has made me fearless. I am not concerned with the people (famous or not) who are going to judge me after reading my book. Those people don’t matter. I wrote it for the people who are going to get me, and they are going to get that life is complex and we are all many different things; we all fall down and struggle with different issues.”

“And I wrote it for the people who are going to identify with my story and take comfort and inspiration from it to benefit their own lives,” she continued. “Also, many of the celebrities I have interviewed have dealt with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addiction, divorce, family troubles, all kinds of issues. They know better than anyone about a public face and private pain and being judged.”

Kugel wrapped with telling us that, “I know that many people will pick up my book, Journaling Fame, because of all the celebrity content, and that is just fine. I know people will get a kick out of reading that stuff, just as it was fun for me to live through it. But I also know that many people who wouldn’t necessarily pick up a self-help book, or a book about mental health, will be pleasantly surprised by the other aspect of what my book offers and I want to be that voice.”

We comment Kugel for her bravery in sharing her story so openly, and highly recommend you pick up Journaling Fame, as it’s a moving, interesting read.


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