EXCLUSIVE: American Airlines Kicks Off Celebrity Dentist Shawn Sadri For Making A Trump Joke

EXCLUSIVE: American Airlines Kicks Off Celebrity Dentist Shawn Sadri For Making A Trump Joke

The Dirty can exclusively reveal celebrity dentist Shawn Sadri was traveling from his Los Angeles office to his New York city office on American Airlines and got kicked off the plane for making a Donald Trump joke. We spoke with Dr. Sadri to get the details of the incident.

Dr. Sadri told us, “I get to my seat in the middle. And there’s a Latino kid maybe 6 years old crying. I’m like are you ok and are you traveling alone? He hardly speaks English. I try talking to him to calm him down. All of sudden he starts screaming and crying hysterically runs out of his seat down the aisle. So me and the other guy next to me are like WTF? No flight attendants in site. Finally they come back. And he goes to his window seat and the flight attendant comes and says he’s suppose to be in the aisle.”

He continues, “I said that he’s crying so I go he’s probably getting deported thanks to Trump. The flight attendant says don’t say that. I go well you must be a Trump supporter. She goes well what if I am? I go no one in New York or Los Angeles likes Trump.”

Dr. Sadri stated the flight attendant said, “You’re being very rude.” In which he responded, “No I’m not. I made a joke and you keep coming back at me. I was watching over this kid. It’s not my job.”

The flight attendant stated, “Are you going to be a problem on this flight?”

The Dirty confirmed from an eye witness that American Airlines got two other attendants, security and police to escort Dr. Sadri off the plane.

The first flight attendant stated to authorities that Dr. Sadri was being combative. When we asked Dr. Sadri to confirm, he stated, “I didn’t threaten, I didn’t curse. She’s like get your stuff. I’m like no. They get security and I’m met by 3 police officers at the gate. The police ask if I was going going to a problem. I go I didn’t do anything. I didn’t curse, threaten or start a fight.”

He concluded, “You have flight attendants who don’t know how to do their job and apparently there’s no more free speech in America and can’t talk badly about dictator Trump.”


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