EXCLUSIVE: Anthony D’Amico MAFS- I Had No Regrets

EXCLUSIVE: Anthony D’Amico MAFS- I Had No Regrets

While we recently talked to Sheila Downs from Married At First Sight, we also got the opportunity to chat exclusively with cast member Anthony D’Amico about his marriage to Ashley Petta. Specifically, we touched on what made him want to get married at first sight, if he had regrets, and more.

“I wanted to be a husband and start a family,” D’Amico shared on what made him want to go through this experience. “I wanted to care for someone and have someone care for me. I saw this experiment as a way to break out of the inertia of normal dating and start with what I really wanted and grow to love her from there.”


“I was very excited but also nervous at the same time,” he then dished of walking down the aisle, knowing he was meeting the person he may potentially spend the rest of his life with. “I spent many hours filling out questioners and talking with experts to finally get to the point of being matched with this stranger. The anticipation was killing me! When I was walking down the isle, my eyes were locked in on her friends and family to see their reaction of me (If they like me maybe she will like me too)..I was very happy so see that her friends and family had ear to ear smiles and I also heard some of her friends talking about how she’s going to be happy.”

It would be understandable for anyone in this situation to have regrets, especially in the first 24 hours, but this wasn’t the case for D’Amico, as he told us, “I had absolutely no regrets after meeting Ashley in the first 24 hours. We connected better than I could’ve ever imagined.”

“For me, I didn’t really think it took that long,” D’Amico then said of how long it took for him to get used to the idea that he was married. “It was weird saying I have a Wife for a bit but the role of a Husband was something I took to pretty quickly.”

D’Amico wrapped with telling us that, “The fans can look forward to seeing how and if Ashley and I meld our old single lives into our new married life. We had to make many decisions and quick, so being in that ‘shot gun start’ situation was very interesting to say the least. Stay Tuned.”

“Join us on Thursdays as we all live tweet during the show!” D’Amico added. “I love interacting with the Fans of the show and getting their thoughts on what the cast is going through.”

Make sure to tune in tonight and follow D’Amico on Twitter @Anthony_MAFS.


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