EXCLUSIVE: Armie Hammer Wanted To Be Famous

EXCLUSIVE: Armie Hammer Wanted To Be Famous

Shout out to The Dirty Army for still tipping us off to things, even though our format has changed a bit.

Our Army insider had some information on actor Armie Hammer, who is currently gaining a lot of attention.

They dished that, “Armie is from some real money. Old money.”

As to how he got lucky enough to rise up the ranks in Hollywood, they claimed that,“This guy had the right agents and, more importantly, the financial backing to get auditions.”

They also had a story about Hammer, noting that,“Fall 2002, first day of what would be his 11th grade year. I pulled my vehicle into the lot to see a crowd of girls crowding around a sparkling new silver Lexus IS 300 with the doors open, music playing, and this gaggle of young girls fawning over this new tall, good looking, well kept, student.”

“This school had plenty child actors, broadway babies, and olympic gold medalists enrolled yearly,” they added. “Walking past I heard questions about his car! His jobs! His name! What are you doing next?! It was really chaotic, and I figured he was another kid actor trying to make it big now that he’s living back in LA.”

“He had dropped out by the end of the year… and the rest is history,” they wrapped with saying.

Hollywood is the land where everyone comes to get famous… it looks like Hammer’s plan worked.


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