EXCLUSIVE: Bravo Building Show Around Teresa Giudice, Giving Into Her Every Request

EXCLUSIVE: Bravo Building Show Around Teresa Giudice, Giving Into Her Every Request

While Real Housewives of New Jersey is getting ready to begin taping it’s eighth season, casting rumors have begun to fly. An exclusive insider dished to The Dirty about the tensions going on behind the scenes.

According to our source, “There’s a lot of BS going on behind the scenes. The producers are completely playing into what Teresa wants.”

“Teresa is stacking her deck,” they continued, “and thus far she has Melissa and Dolores definitely confirmed to be with her. She also has achieved getting Danielle back on as a signed and now contracted friend.”

“Bravo is being super shady.” Our insider added. “As an example, they lied to the women, promising them Danielle would never be back, and now she definitely is- as a friend, but still.”

“Last year, Jacqueline was the only one who brought the drama, and if Teresa has it her way, she may not be returning,” we were also informed. “And that would be a big mistake on Bravo’s part, as the drama is what brings the ratings. Look back on Teresa Checks In or season 6 of the show- the highest rated episode of season 6 was when Jacqueline appeared. Teresa just doesn’t bring the ratings she used to.”

“What will we watch Teresa do?” our source questioned. “Attend Yoga? Call Joe in prison? Pretend to get along with her sister-in-law? It’s a snooze fest!”

Siggy is also still not confirmed,” our insider added, “and that’s mostly because Bravo doesn’t want to pay her what she’s worth.”

Our source wrapped with saying that, “Bravo is screwing with a formula that works. Should they decide to let things play out in the way that they’re thinking, this will absolutely spell doom for RHONJ, and this will almost guaranteed be the last season of the show.”

Personally, we agree. There’s a formula that works. Drama means viewers, as the fans thrive on the fights on the show and enjoy discussing and debating them. Remove Jacqueline from season 7, and the show had nothing dramatic on the table.

We hope Bravo makes the right choice and moves forward with what worked well for them with their ratings. Time will tell.


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